What is the Oppo F19 Pro? The Oppo F19 Pro is an affordable smartphone from OPPO, which packs a powerful 7.82 inch HD screen with Gorilla Glass Plus protection and it also comes with a huge 1GB memory to last all day. It comes with Windows pre-installed and has 2 mega pixels cameras on the rear as well as a mega pixel camera, so you get high quality pictures all the time. You can add up to four other cameras using the Bluetooth on the Oppo F19’s, which will give you a complete camera experience.

So what are you looking for in a smartphone camera? A good quality camera that takes clear pictures, is easy to use, and has a decent amount of storage is a must have. When it comes to the Oppo F19’s, this is exactly what you get. The phone has a high definition camera with plenty of memory, which means that you should be able to store lots of different pictures and videos. The Oppo F19 also comes with two megapixels, which is definitely better than the one which comes with the iPhone 4S.

The Oppo F19’s also come with the Oppo F19 Multi Hybrid camera setup, which is great if you want to record multiple videos at different rates. This handset Oppo F19  has a fast charging system, meaning that it will charge your battery fully in just over half an hour. With the fast charging you can even go for a business trip and not worry about the camera being dead because the battery will charge back up. This fast charging system is one of the reasons why this Oppo F19 review has recommended this as one of the best phones on the market.

You will find some decent hardware inside the Oppo F19. This includes a six-axis image sensor, two-megapixel camera, a dual-core processor, and dual-band WCDMA/GPRS. On the inside you will find an slots for expandable cards including a Secure Digital card, a microSD slot, a TV-out port, and a modem.

What makes the Oppo F 19 different from many other mobiles is that the handset includes a built-in memory card. This is perfect if you want to download lots of images or movies straight from your phone. If you want to use this phone as a professional photographer, then you’ll find that it is quite capable of recording high quality videos. The 2MP camera included on the Oppo F19 can take a great deal of photos, especially when fitted with the flash charge.

When using the Oppo F19, it is possible to download several hundred images straight from the device’s internal memory. There are also over twenty-five different photo effects which the user is able to adjust according to his or her needs. The Oppo F19 also comes with an Adreno 610 dual-core AqC processor and a six-month limited warranty which enables the consumer to have piece of mind regarding any defects.

Oppo F19 great Features and Functions