Get an amazing companion with Oppo A15s. This mobile phone from Nokia has been equipped with a great number of features. Whether it is your favorite music player, games or e-mail tool, you are certain to find it with Oppo A15. It comes with octa-core MediaTek Helio P35 quad-core processor, so as to play high-definition video and run many tasks smoothly without lagging. With fourGB of RAM you are able to install various applications smoothly and simultaneously, without affecting the smoothness of the mobile phone’s speed.

When you are buying an smartphone with oppo a15s a large memory capacity, you will be able to store plenty of applications and plenty of data. The Oppo A15s comes with a large memory space, which enables you to store plenty of apps, games and other data. As the applications will require more memory to run, you should purchase the Oppo A15s if you want to have a handset that lasts long.

The large memory space also enables you to download lots of files to the handset, such as wallpapers, songs and movies. You can upload images and photos from your digital camera using the built in gallery option in the handset. The rear camera of the Oppo A15s is also quite impressive. It has a high resolution scanner that lets you take clear pictures of people and other objects around you.

You can enjoy excellent videos and movies on your handset thanks to the rear camera of the Oppo A15s smartphone. You can edit the video, while the HD Live Performance mode allows you to enjoy slow motion and digital sound. The video recording quality is quite good. In contrast, the RAM of the handset is less than the iPhone and HTC models. However, this makes up for the poor camera performance of the smartphone.

The microSD card in the Oppo A15s lets you add additional storage to the device. This is useful when you need extra space to download or transfer large files. However, the low 16 mp camera is not suitable for taking high quality images. This is one factor that makes the Oppo A15s such a disappointment for some users. The lack of a powerful secondary camera also reduces the picture quality.

If you want to see the difference that the quad core processor of the Oppo A15s has from the iPhone and HTC models, then you should check out the benchmarks. Although the A series has an octa-core processor, the iPhone and HTC ones are all clocked at the high end level with about 2GB of RAM. Hence, you would find the A series to be lagging behind in terms of speed and performance. If you are interested in checking out the difference with the A series, then it is best to download the demos. Only then will you get a clear idea of the difference between the two smartphones.

iPhone Versus Oppo A15S Camera